Important Notice

Please read the below carefully.

iSeek Server Maintenance Window and Changeover
Thursday 19th July  07:00 – 09:00 will be moving our servers to a new data centre.
This change is a move of server location but will remain on the same Plesk 17.5 Control Panel system, unlike our migration last November which involved several major changes at once.
Please ensure you forward this message to people in your company that need to be aware of such changes.

How will this change affect our hosting?

Change 1

Between 7:00 – 9:00am on Thursday the 19th we will be making a number of changes on our servers to repoint traffic.
We anticipate some customers will see some service interruptions during these 2 hours.
Therefore it is very important customers do not make changes to their website, email or hosting control panel during this maintenance window.

Customers may also get a security certificate alert when checking email  – this will be very short term until we can authenticate new SSL certs for mail on the new servers


Change 2

For most iSeek customers we manage your domain so we can make the necessary changes for you.
iSeek will contact customers who use external providers or services such as antispam services, Cloudflare or similar directly to advise of the change needed.

Our web servers ip addresses will change as per the below: changes to changes to changes to


Change 3

Email – no email setting changes should be needed for email to continue to work.
There is one side-effect of the server move that will affect some email users.
If you use POP email and your email software is set to always leave a copy of messages on the server, then after the changeover your email program will re-download all email on our servers even if it was downloaded before. You can just delete the emails you have already got but for some users this causes a lot of work as hundreds or thousands of emails are re-downloaded to the inbox again.
If this happened to you during the November migration and you wish to prevent it please contact us in advance of Thursday 19th July at 09:00
If this issue affects you after Thursday 19th July at 09:00, please close your email program and contact iSeek and we can advise on how to resolve this issue

Check your Website and/or Email Post Migration

We will be running a number of tests and checks post changeover.
We will post migration related updates on our Status Page
If you see any other issues with your website or email service please report them to us

Current Status

All servers are running correctly. – status – ok

  • Plesk Control Panel – status – ok
  • Web Service – status – ok
  • MySQL Service – status – ok – status – ok

  • Plesk Control Panel – status – ok
  • Web Service – status – ok
  • MySQL Service – status – ok

Domain Registrar  – status – ok

If you see a problem with your site or the server please use the report link above to report it to us